Besides my main work as a groom, I like to volunteer for British Eventing at the events I’m not grooming at to give back to the sport what I get out of it and support my riders. Its a great day out and we always have a laugh even in the cold wet weather we get at the start of the year.

I have volunteered around most of the event site from Dressage writing, to SJ warm up steward, fence judge and even sat in the control box where all the excitement happens. At Belton one year I was even seen on a tractor pulling lorries out.

I am also training to become a BE XC controller.

I am one of the Main Ring stewards at the Lincolnshire Show. I also steward at many other shows up and down the country to assist judges in their roles and also act as a mounting block to leg the judges up in the ridden classes.

If you require an experienced steward for your event from village shows to HOYS classes then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Being Presented my Volunteers award by the Duchess of Cornwall
Starting at a Muddy Oasby
Main Ring at Lincolnshire Show
Featuring in BE magazine